be able to ask for support 9/26 (audio 1:41)

Friendship, Pablo Picasso, 1908

This is the ninth installment of “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be Able to Ask for Support

When you realize that change is natural, you understand why you need not feel shame or embarrassment around what you’re going through.

Asking for help is never a show of weakness and always bespeaks courage. If you have been thrown off balance and desire a willing ear or fresh perspective to help return you to center, seek out compassionate and neutral support, be it personal or professional.

If a friend insists on passing judgment on you or wagging a finger in your face and saying, “I told you so,” perhaps you need a new friend. Be aware, however, you can’t always predict who will offer up beneficial support and who will not. While some individuals are gifted with the ability to assist others through challenging times, many otherwise caring people simply do not know how to offer unconditional comfort and reassurance.

When change wants to birth itself within you, it is wise to seek the support of a capable spiritual or emotional midwife. The only way to know if the help you need will be forthcoming is to ask.



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