be mournful 10/26 (audio 1:45)

Closed Eyes, Odilon Redon, 1890

This is the tenth installment of “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be Mournful

Do not be surprised if you become sad or heavy-hearted after change comes knocking at your door.

Even when you consciously initiate positive change and are excited to welcome new opportunities into your life, you will still need to grieve for all that is passing. Some beliefs and habits are deeply ingrained within your psyche and, for better or worse, have become integral parts of who you are. There’s a certain familiarity that makes it hard to say goodbye — in the same way you hold on to your favorite pair of old, raggedy slippers.

Any attempt to stifle this grief will eventually drag you down. Through your mourning process, you may wish to let the old aspects of yourself know that you appreciate the lessons they taught you, but their presence is no longer required.

Perhaps you will write a poem, pen a letter, light a candle, or find another way to symbolically sever your ties with these stubborn and deep-rooted behaviors. This allows you to shut the door firmly behind you and move toward the new ways of being that are affectionately calling your name.

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