be introspective 16/26 (audio 1:44)
Portrait of Marie-Therese Walter, 1937, Pablo Picasso

This is the sixteenth installment from “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be Introspective

It is insincere to believe that you are a helpless victim of powerful forces beyond your control. Can you detach from external circumstances and travel to new territory within? Can you allow yourself to imagine that in the larger scheme of things, what comes across as a master stroke of bad luck is, in fact, a decision you made eons ago at a deep soul level?

Given generous allotments of time and space, you can begin to unravel life’s puzzling questions from a more inward-looking stance.

Rather than concentrating on the economy, the government, your employer, your ex-spouse, or the legal or healthcare system, seek within and you will discover your most comforting and illuminating answers.

You need not fear becoming lost in meditation nor deep introspection. On the contrary, your chances of finding yourself are greater there than anywhere else you are likely to turn. What’s more, the deeper you dig, the more valuable are the jewels of self-knowing that you bring to the surface.


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