be a dancer 17/26 (audio 1:50)

Judith Jamison, Artistic Director Emerita, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

This is the seventeenth installment in “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be a Dancer

Change invites you to participate in the dance of your own unfolding. Can you say “Yes” without knowing the precise steps you will take? Are you willing to heed the changing rhythms of metamorphosis and be flexible?

When you surrender control, change will deftly lead the way. Other times you will take the initiative, guiding your steps from within.

Change is not always graceful. You may become entangled in your ego or stumble over new motions mismatched to old refrains. You may take to the floor solo, partner up with another, or find yourself in a group whose movements harmonize with your own.

When you choose to dance your way through life, you do not perform for the entertainment of others. The dance is yours alone and is as unique as your fingerprint. The song in your heart is a one-of-a-kind melody that only you can hear.

Being a dancer isn’t about having strength in your legs; it’s about honoring your inner rhythm and tempo as you waltz, salsa, or swing your way through an ever-shifting life.



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