your body is not a storehouse for pain and suffering (new audio poetry 3:19)


Five Abstract Motifs, 1920s, from New York Public Library Digital Collection

if you are seeking to be told which way to go,
you are not truly seeking

if your hanging on the hook is punctuated by a grasping need
for ironclad elucidation,
you have not yet surrendered your ego
in service of the greater cause

when you insist that your path resemble that of another,
that your very evolution keep pace with your plans and appointments,
that every pebble rapidly align itself in geometric symmetry,
you will find yourself distracted from that which offers greatest peace

fleeting doubts and uncertainty are landmarks on wisdom’s road,
they arise not to re-engage you in a vortex of confusion
but to look you square in the face and receive your gentle dismissal

a simple two-step is insufficient now,
the dance a step here, then back, then forward, reverse, repeat,
ideas hatched and laid aside, given up for dead
each and every action carries the radix of your existence

your body is not a storehouse for pain and suffering
your mind need not be the jailer who torments you under lock and key,
life is the party to which you invite yourself ~
surely you would not allow a single guest at your table
to go hungry and forlorn

meander slowly with deeply felt intention
allow yourself time and space to ponder,
to pass up, if you choose, opportunities that speak to a fevered mind
yet ignore the yearnings of a rambunctious heart

there are no two-sided coins,
each question silently echoes a limitless profusion of facets~
amid unbreakable fragments of untold clarity and brilliance
dark and sooted caves overflow with diamonds masquerading as coal.

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