We Need You Standing ! (audio poetry 3:38)

Your elders walk among you
Hear us whisper:
Get up! We need you standing!

We need you standing shoulder to shoulder
Clear-eyed, fueled by listening hearts
And minds no longer imprisoned by limitation ~
You are today
You are tomorrow
You are the sun and the moon
and the stars in their highest glory
You are a brilliant ray of Creation,
Blessed with infinite gifts of every stripe and hue
And we need you standing.

Overflowing with zeal and passion,
We need you standing.
Raucous and silent,
We need you standing.
Knees in the dirt and faces turned skyward,
Your inner lodges purified for endless birthings,
For bringing forth fruits new and glistening
Relax into the comfort of Love’s eternal embrace ~
We need you standing.

In your wheelchair,
We need you standing
Ink-filled pen in trembling hand,
We need you standing
In clusters of peace and freedom and justice,
We need you standing
Tear-stained, brokenhearted, limping,
Hungry, weak in the knees,
We need you standing.

We are you!
We are your tribe, your race,
your family, your origin
Our hearts have always beat as one ~
We have never doubted you would join us
And now, we need you standing!

We need you standing together
even as you feel you stand alone,
We need you standing for virtue and reverence!
We need the emanations of your spirit
and the outpourings of your soul,
We need you planting the new seeds
of a bountiful and everlasting harvest
We need you feeling, singing, dancing,
drumming our planet into harmony!
Creating, building, collaborating with likehearted beings,
Dreaming, manifesting, trusting in a Greater Good
Against which the old and worn no longer hold sway.

Today is not yesterday
Pulsing through every cell of your body
is something new and alive,
Powerful beyond your greatest imaginings,
Ready to burst forth into all that is solid and true,
sustaining and sustainable.

Your elders walk among you
We are not whispering any longer:

We need you standing.

I’m pretty isolated where I am in the rural American Southwest, and would love to receive a Comment from you today. I wrote and recorded this piece in 2015, and brought it out to give myself a good kick in my hindparts! Would also love to hear from any artist, musician, writer who thinks we may be able to collaborate on something. I can be contacted from my main page.

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