what’s going on here?

I am Rachel Snyder and this is my blog.

It’s also my studio, my salon, my storefront. An ever-changing gallery devoted to the art of living a full-spectrum life. The walls and shelves are filled with inspiration and ideas: some created by me and some by others whose work I respect and admire.

Expect to sample a wide array of flavors here. And while it’s easy to always go with the familiar, I hope you’ll explore some new territory. Be open to hearing about something that’s outside your comfort zone. Get past any limitations about what you believe or what you think a teacher should look like or sound like. If your instinct says “No thanks, not my flavor,” that’s fine. But if your mind screeches, “I don’t go there and never will!” – I invite you to take a look at what’s behind your resistance.

Although I have an oustanding ability to self-amuse, I want to broaden the conversation and the community. I want to introduce you to the ever-widening circle of fascinating and talented people who inhabit my world. And yes, I want to offer up this space as a virtual billboard where we can all move our gifts out into a wider universe. So whether you’re an artist, a healing arts practitioner, a retailer, a real estate professional, a coach, a writer, or you do just about anything else that supports individual and planetary evolution and transformation in some intentional way, you can toot your own horn in the Comments. (Of course, if you toot too too much, I will toot back with the suggestion that you create a blog of your own!)

If you want to look around without drawing attention to yourself, that’s OK, too. (In the blogosphere, they call it “lurking” — a 21st-century version of the term “lookie-loos.”) If you want to make a Comment or pose a question anonymously, feel free. The door is open 24/7. Visit often, and invite your friends, too. The more the merrier.

If you’re lucky, you’ll step in just as the pie comes out of the oven, the tea water is boiling, and the air is ripe with scintillating conversation. Then again, if what you need is a quiet sanctuary and a few delectable morsels of courage, comfort, or confidence, you’ll find yourself in the right place as well.

5 thoughts

  1. Susan,

    Yeah, I’m loving the Niwot Writers Salon. Christian is quite gifted at attracting interesting writing folks. When you say “I’m lying,” are you lying?


  2. I am happy and honored to be here and very interested in exploring new territory, as well as a new take on old territory if it’s compelling enough.

    I,too, have the ability to self-amuse, but it’s much more fun to share the comedy. By the way, thanks not only for the comedy but also for your insight at the Niwot Salon. You are a major force in the personality of the group.

    I am forcing myself not to do rewrites on this blog response, by the way. (I’m lying.)


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