great gift ideas from creative folks i am proud to know

One of life’s greatest pleasures as a “creative” person, is getting to know other creative types. One can only toot one’s own horn for so long, so herewith, some enormously talented and creative individuals, each of whom I am proud to call “friend.”

"Feminine Side of The Masculine," Carlos Smith
"Feminine Side of The Masculine," by Carlos Smith

Carlos Smith I first met Carlos on the labyrinth, which he considers a gift from Mother Earth, a pattern for wholeness, a path to transformation and healing of the human spirit. Later, I learned more about this gentle man through his dream circles, his art, and his devotion to Earth and Sky, spirit and flesh, and the divine wisdom that lives within us all. Carlos’ “green” art explores the sacred spirals of nature — sacred geometry of the cosmos, trees, rocks, sand dollars, and feathers.  The image at left is but one example of his sacred art; find more at his website, His 2009 Labyrinth Calendar offers a beautiful expression for every month of the year, at just $15 plus S/H.

Richard Cummings is the highly talented photographer who has captured me (at right) like no one else ever has. But Rick does so much more than coax recalcitrant faces onto film! Check out his website here at to see his fine art, fashion, commercial, and nude/body form work. If you want to purchase his books or prints, or would like to send yourself or someone you love to one of Rick’s photo shoots or workshops in Colorado or beyond, do it now. It’s only a matter of time before this remarkable artist’s work will be highly sought after at well-deserved prices reaching into the stratosphere…

1st-Class Coach
1st-Class Coach Tisha Pletcher

Tisha Pletcher is a gifted life coach on a mission to “provide women with the support, inspiration, and resources to create meaningful change in the world.”  Tisha and I first connected online after she read the word “Renew” in my book for women, and felt resonance with her business, Renewall Coaching. If you or any woman you know is ready to kick it up to a new level, and to infuse her life and work with greater passion, joy and fulfillment, Tisha can help her get the juices flowing. She’s got a gorgeous website here at, with a great holiday gift offer.

Scott Von was described this way on Indie Traffic Jam Radio Show: “What a find this guy is. He’s got great lyrical content and melodies, snazzy guitar playing and is one of the happiest men alive…really amazing new roots, rock, folk singer…”

Scott Von, Rising Star
Scott Von, Rising Star

My first exposure to Scott was at an outdoor CD release gig that some friends dragged me to. Before the last note was out of his mouth, I scrambled over some folding chairs and all but threw myself into this guy’s arms! He made me want to hug my kids, kiss my sweetheart, and change the world. He is that pure, that authentic, and that infectious. See, read about, listen, and purchase CDs from Scott at his website,, which also includes his show schedule.

Support these wonderful folks and share the love! Tell them I sent you…

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