you are the river of love’s tenderness

I began this post days ago — telling you of a recent fall that slammed my sacrum into the floor and set me on a healing journey (Again?!?!?!) to recalibrate and realign deeply entrenched physical, emotional,
and spiritual trauma patterns I took on in a car crash

nine years ago this month.
Telling you the facts
of the story was just not
working; when this piece emerged in its stead,
I was finally able to exhale. When I later stumbled upon
this extraordinary photo,
I knew that my treatise on tenderness was complete — at least for now.

Beside every wounded heart flows love’s river of tenderness
it babbles and croons with the power to bring hope to the living,
to the dead, peace eternally wrought

unseen angels perch upon banks made slick with tears
of the misbegotten ~
the way through all but disappears
behind a shroud of cracked and broken reeds

would that the waters rise and fall upon the nameless legions
who arrive breathless and dry
who weep in desolation
reach toward the river with cupped and bleeding hands
only to watch the honeyed elixir slip through their fingerless grasp

below every broken wing awaits the breath of spring
it aches to rustle, to dance,
splashing each upturned face with breezy kisses
and the promise of untrammeled flight

there is no brokenness that is not soothed
in a moment of tenderness

there is no stricken heart that is not lightened
by a gentle touch and earnest gaze

each one that passes before you
was born to sing in exaltation
rise to majestic heights
swoon in a cradle scented by a holy whisper that bears no name

look in your mirror!
you are the river of love’s tenderness
from your mouth springs the breath

you never know, you may be holding
the heart of the world in your very hand,
offering sustenance everlasting
in a single crumb of sweet compassion.

9 thoughts

  1. Beautiful words – from a profound place within. Thank you for sharing this. I am moved by the photo. It strikes me as being an archetypal and iconic image of christ being held by mary – wonderful image.


  2. Read, Leslie, and Magdi,
    Your homeopathic Comments delight me! Thanks for the sugar.

    You surely are a sister on the path, which is made easier on the spirit because you are beside me. Thank you for blessing me with your friendship.

    Agreed. And with the new video version (posted Feb 29), this message can travel further to open hearts, open minds. Love to you…

    And in this moment, I am remembering the joy upon meeting you and JM, when walking the labyrinth kept me whole in the midst of a fragmented existence. Let’s all spend some time together this spring… (:


  3. Thanks Rachel, It is nice to be reeled back into what life truly is and to be in the moment, and knowing what is important to oneself.


  4. it does seem that this release work is endless…layer after layer after layer. And as each is revealed, raw and freshly exposed, I whisper: i love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you. May this day hold a release that is gentle, but deep; lively yet sacred. Thank you for doing surrogate work for the planet and all women who hold these deep wounds of survival…your sister on the path.


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