first poetry packages sent to america, canada, england, and australia: join us!

Women Sowing Seeds, artist unknown

The energy started moving quickly yesterday after I posted the details of the (ahem) Global Poetry Party of the Heart. The perfect moniker for our divinely collaborative undertaking has not yet presented itself, so I’ll be trying on various names until we get the perfect fit.

Today, the first six poetry packages went out via snail mail. Three are headed to addresses within the US (2 to Pennsylvania and 1 to New York); one is headed toward Ontario, Canada; one to Wallingford in the UK, and the sixth is winging toward the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. (Methinks I am traveling vicariously through my poetry!)

I will be interested to learn of  the length of the journeys and also the condition of the packages upon arrival.

Here’s what some of the early joiners had to say. Great ideas, great inspiration! If you are hanging back because you think you don’t have a far-flung, extraordinary locale to place poetry, let your heart guide you. You might simply place a poem on the bulletin board of the laundromat, in between books on a library shelf, or …? Remember: Sacred is in the spirit of the beholder.

From BT of Pennsylvania: “…I have done similar experiments by leaving notes for people that work in the service industry…. applauding their good work and effort. As a former teacher and parent I realize how words can be used as weapons or adulations…. so I get you!!! I get your mission… several places come to mind…we have sanctuary close by for Hawks and many people use the trail, or we have a neat bookstore that is independent and I might put it there…or I might take it to the cafe and place it in a magazine. I also write poems and just send them to places I stayed or people I have visited..a hobby in a way… I am happy to get started…and excited that your words will reach many people…

JP in the UK has no shortage of possible release sites: “…this year, together with two friends, we have been doing a lot of clearing (we’re the British spiritual version of the Ghostbusters!) and have so far travelled to Glastonbury, Stonehenge and the Preseli Hills in Wales, and got to see the Dalai Lama (although I spent the whole time in the toilet being sick!!)…we will end the year with a visit to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, but have been told we must go to Dublin before that…our next step, apparently, is Lincoln, home to one of the most important Mediaeval cathedrals in England. So you can see there are several possible places (and maybe some still to be decided!) where I could take the poems and I am quite excited by the prospect…”

Another Pennsylvanian (BF) sends these thoughts: “Your poetry is so real, universally recognized, yet uniquely flavored. I have been forwarding it via email and it really speaks to the heart of the reader. Being intuitives, I am sure the divine will continue to guide us to the hearts that are open, ready and desire the messages you share. I am honored to help spread LOVE!! This will be an amazing journey! Thank you for letting me share the ride!”

From Ontario, Canada, DC notes his attraction to the project: “I believe poetry has the power to move hearts and change lives, and am happy to be part of an effort to do that. Also, I was intrigued about your mention of the Labyrinth in New York City. We have an outdoor labyrinth in a church yard right here in Owen Sound. We’re also located on the Niagara Escarpment, an incredible natural feature that’s recognized as a United Nations Biosphere Reserve. A good place for connecting with heart and mind and with earth!

And Aussie CW writes:  “I am heading to Ireland and France (mainly) soon to do some energy work and to see loving friends and family, so glad to be a part of your wonderful venture of trust! sending rainbows of joy…”

I am gathering 33 people to kick off this high-spirited adventure. We’re getting close to halfway there. Join us?

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