(poetry) to russia with love — virginia and california (two)

Black Lines, Vasily Kandinsky, 1913

Four more poetry packages have gone out: one to southern California, one to central California, one to Virginia, and one to Moscow, Russia, birthplace of featured artist Vasily Kandinsky (1866-1944).

EP from Moscow sent this greeting: Dear Rachel, thank you for the lovely idea of spreading your words around the world. I’ll be happy to be a part of it. Though in Russia not so many people are good in English, I’m sure to find some places where it’ll reach those who can read it. Meanwhile with your permission I can translate some of it into Russian.  (Permission joyfully given, btw.)

From San Diego, JM reports she will carry a poem with her to Italy next month: “Sure, send me something to tuck into a Roman niche!! I love that idea.”

Further north on the US West Coast, (another) JM writes:  “I read this yesterday and for some reason I thought I would have to write a poem in order to participate…lol…Now that I see I don’t, I would soooo love to spread your words… (I) believe the world can truly benefit from this vision of yours and I’d like to help you. I live 22 miles from the southern entrance into Yosemite National Park, in a little town… People from all over the world come here in search of peace and inspiration, time with people they love and fun.  So send me a packet and I will find places for people to pick up a little more magic.”

The Virginia package hopes to end up among the returning students at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, the second oldest college in America. The institution was chartered in the Virginia Colony by British royalty in 1693.

This new community of hearts and spirits is growing! We’d love to have you step up into the circle. Browse around the posts before and after this one for more details…

3 thoughts

  1. julie,
    I know all too well of what you speak. I live in a town of less than 60 people in rural Colorado. We have fought hard to keep our tiny Post Office open, however when we send mail winging off to far-flung places, when and how it arrives at its destination is anyone’s guess. On the other hand, sometimes we are very pleasantly surprised! ((()))

    If you in fact carry a poem or two from your home in NSW to western Europe, those words will definitely end up being among the most well-traveled of the group. ((()))


  2. Rachael…..I’ll be checking the post office and let you know when the packet arrives…our PO is on Pony Express Lane if that tells you anything…slooowness… and I will let you know where I tuck your words. It is so nice to be part of something positive…thank you!


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