if you think this divine undertaking is all about poetry…think again

If this Words Divinely Wrought initiative had a soundtrack, it would reverberate with the mellifluous sounds of hearts cracking and opening around the planet.

My favorite Kiwi and I were brainstorming the concept not so very long ago, and we were both very clear that, first and foremost, this really isn’t about poetry. It’s about allowing yourself to be part of something large, trusting the astonishing efficiency of the Universe, chipping away at boundaries or walls that may have kept you separate and alone, and embodying unity consciousness in a grounded, hands-on way.

I was quite touched by this message from BH of Vancouver, Canada, which captures the very essence of what our emerging “community of the traveling poems” is all about. I believe there is resonance and inspiration here for others, and I honor BH for her honesty and willingness to share.

Through a series of interesting events,
I believe I am one of the 33 people you are hoping to reach.

I receive your writing notifications to my work email,
so through my
day of business life (which I am growing to detest),
I get small rays of sunshine that keep me going.
Sometimes I don’t make time to read them and days pass until I
clear my mind of clutter
and rebalance myself —
enjoying your writing and included images
which bring me back to life.
Unrelated, I had my first ever tarot card reading experience

at my dinner party last night. I’m not sure I can describe it
 in any way other than ‘something much bigger than me.’

I took a sick day from my office today and worked from home.
This seems to be one of those weeks I didn’t make time for your posts,
as I read them all together just now while taking a break from
actual work emails. And I couldn’t be more aligned
to a path right now as I feel
to yours.

 During the tarot reading last night, it was read that I would be
alright to acknowledge and embrace what I truly believe –
being a part
of something bigger.
It brought me to tears as I considered what I was hearing

was something I never wanted to admit to myself, never mind verbalize
(or type) to another person. I feared having to face whatever it was
to admit that I do believe I am but a small but important piece.
But through your blog posts, I think I have found a
starting light.
A place I can allow myself to be slightly vulnerable

 and yet at peace with it…

BH’s poetry package was placed in the mail today, as was a package to JM in her “green grassy homeland” of Oregon. JM’s initial instinct is to …take (the poem) to the wild, windswept Oregon coast, which QUICKLY blows away anything that is extraneous from our lives. The raw, real nature of your words just immediately seemed a perfect fit! It may become a ‘message in a bottle’ if it so desires.”

5 thoughts

  1. Barb,
    You speak for many of us, myself included. Stripped of illusion, Truth is the most treasured aspect that we carry. I am so glad you are part of our emerging community! (())

    Beautiful words, Dear One. And yes, once we choose, the reveling begins! Your role in all of this is so precious to me. xoxo


  2. Lovely to welcome BH to the group. Let us remember that we are a part of something larger, whether we always acknowledge it or not. And let us choose to acknowledge it and revel in it.


  3. I am in agreement with BH…. this has come at a time in my life when I am ready to connect to a global audience and acknowledge the things I feel and fear are part of this process and I think are cleansing for me… it is time to
    wash away the past and go forward into the world with my truth….


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