looking for proof that we are all connected? read on…

You can’t make this stuff up, folks!

If you have already read this post, you may recall that after walking the labyrinth in New York City’s Battery Park in mid-July, I noticed a woman sitting on a bench, eating lunch. Her presence inspired me to leave two pieces of my poetry beneath a tree. Another woman (Laura D) found the poems the next day, contacted me with her story of sacred synchronicity, and the Words Divinely Wrought poetry-sharing project was born.

Imagine my delight and astonishment when “the woman on the bench” sent me this message yesterday — 30 days after I placed two poems at the base of a tree 1800 miles away from my home:

Dear Rachel,

I am sitting here at my desk at work in the financial district with shivers going up and down my back. I am the woman who was eating lunch in the Battery Park labyrinth, who you mention in your recent post.

I was there to receive poetry, although I am not quite sure I knew that at the moment. I had recently discovered the labyrinth, which is very close to my work, and that was my first time eating there.

I found your poems by the tree as I was leaving. “This Fragile Web” spoke to me — I had recently returned from my family home in Massachusetts, where my dad had suffered a heart attack. Thankfully, he has recovered well, but the crisis left me with the wisdom and knowledge of how fragile relationships (and life) are. My thoughts were completely reflected and captured in your words.

I was tempted to take the poem with me, but I also wanted to leave it, so others could appreciate your words. And I am so glad I did! I see that someone else found your poems in the tree. When I came back to my office that day, I found your blog and read your poems — I felt that I had discovered your writing for a reason.

Today, I returned to your blog and scrolled down to find the post where you mention your time in the labyrinth (and to my shock and surprise, a mention of me!). I was compelled to write you, so here I am.

Thank you. I would love to be part of your global poetry sharing project, if possible.

With gratitude and warmth,

In my reply, I asked SS whether she had placed the poems in the branches of the tree, where Laura D found (at least) one the following day. She wrote back, “I left the poem on the ground that day, although I did return a few days later and the poems were both in the tree limbs…”This Fragile Web” and our subsequent connection are really showing me how truly connected we all are!! Wow.”

A poetry package is heading off to SS in NY today; another to KE in Colorado. Thirteen spots remain in the gathering of  “The Initial 33,” in addition to four spots awaiting confirmation. Is one of them waiting for you?

Much gratitude to those who have sent donations to help defray the costs of printing and mailing the poetry packages. Even if you choose not to participate directly, you can show your support for this endeavor by contributing nonetheless. And if you do wish to participate but are unable to make a donation, please do not let lack of funds stand in your way.

12 thoughts

  1. Yes, I can see how the Universe uses us if we but open to its divine plans and schemes.

    Yes, I said “schemes,” because I really believe there is a divine plan for each and everyone of us, a purpose for why we were placed into this new lifetime, into this time frame to be with the ones we commune with be it in person, on the Net or maybe someday through our writing long after we are gone.

    I love you.

    I just kinda felt like saying it. It felt good to finally get it off of my chest.

    Michael J, a mystic in training


  2. oh rachel it is so thrilling to read your story of the response from SS, the awareness of oneness is growing amazingly throughout the world, i will send you my essence about connection and support recently made on lord howe island with the energy contribution of huge banyan tree ….. we are all connected!


    1. dadirri7,
      I absolutely concur with you about the growing awareness. Finally! Your essence sounds absolutely Divine. Perhaps it would be a nice anointment to the poetry packages before they are sent out on their journeys…


  3. my packet came today and in excellent condition…. I can not begin to tell you how moved I am by both poems…. Can I make a copy for myself before I release them???? I am also putting a check in th mail tomorrow…do I need your last name or not??? you are amazing!!!!BT


    1. Barb,
      So glad to hear the package traveled well. You are the first to report a successful delivery!

      The intent of the two poems was that you keep one as a gift for yourself and release the other one. So feel free to do that. You can certainly release them both if you want and make copies of both. (They just won’t be on that nice heavy paper or have the personal “chop stamp” lovingly placed by the poet.) (:

      A donation will be much appreciated. My full name (Rachel Snyder) and address are on the outside of the envelope.

      Keep us posted. Ask more questions if you want. Take a photo of the poem in its intended location if you can. We’ll all wait and see what happens…


  4. Dearest Rachel…
    This truly touches the tips of my silver wings and the golden etchings of my heart.
    I’ve been watching and reading your poetry connections for some days now and all I can add is this: Sign me up! :) I am going to leave your beautiful poetry in a spiritual text in our local library…for those who are seekers of Divine Truths. Our local library is highly used, and one our residents awaited for a long time. We’ve always had a library but a new one was built a few years ago that is so much a ‘home like’ atmosphere that it has become just that for the citizens of my city, and I love the fact that so many open-minded people use it. Just the ticket for this venue. :)
    I still have your snail mail addy and will send along a donation to you in the next day or so.
    Thank You Beloved for all that you do to bring awareness and awakening to this Beautiful Planet!!!!
    In Lak’ech…You are my other Me!


    1. Akasa,
      Beloved Sister, I’ve already penciled you in on the list! In fact, you are in the #9 position. (:

      Just send me your snail mail address via the Contact button on the left sidebar; it takes you to my email. I’ll have your package in the mail pronto. I adore your idea of releasing poetry in the library; I have long known libraries to be cathedrals of truth and freedom! Wisconsin needs some extra Love about now, too, doesn’t it? ((((((()))))))


  5. what a truly wonderful event…we Are all connected…just like I was meant to read your blog today, thank you :)


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