peel back a few layers and jump in!

Deep End, Janet McCarty, 12″x36″

Without even commenting on the vibrancy
of the colors, here’s what I love
about this painting by San Diego artist
Janet McCarty — who (btw)
I am so happy and proud to call my friend:

According to the artist, she applied layer upon
layer of paint, and then scratched through
them to reveal some of the “subterranean”
layers lurking beneath the surface.

Need I say more?

If you’ve been around this blog for more
than about 43 seconds, you know that
scraping through layers to reach the gems
beneath the surface is pretty
fundamental here on Be Whole Now.
And, the “Deep End” is not where you
necessarily drown, but where you find
the true treasures that were hidden
from view while you splashed around
wearing smudged and leaky goggles.

All this is simply prelude to reminding you that right now a lot of people are finding soft spots in their layers and you can, too. If you choose, you can now allow yourself to see things clearly that were out of your sightline for eons.

You can peel away layers that aren’t nearly as concretized as you convinced yourself they are.

You can decide to be braver, more vulnerable, more open, more available and more willing to come out of the shadows and cast your brilliance in any direction you choose. Not coincidentally, some people are finding our global poetry-sharing project a good place to begin.

Fifteen poetry packages have now been mailed in our first wave of “The 33.” Four people have reported that they received them; six are penciled in and waiting for confirmation and 12 spots have yet to be filled.  (Note: So far, only one person of the male persuasion has joined our group.) Over the weekend, poems were sent to AW of Wisconsin whose Comment on this post  told of her plans to place a poem in a spiritual book in her town’s library. She adds, “I can hardly wait to listen to my heart whisper which book to place your Divine Poetry in/by…”

Now is a good time to travel to your own “Deep End” and check in with whatever subterranean layers are ready to be revealed — or at least are showing signs of pending readiness.

By the way, here are two of the 12 poems included in the Words Divinely Wrought project:

this is no time for timid hearts

you are the prayer

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