back in the usa, a poem in a bottle takes to the sea

When Julie M told me she wanted to put a poem in a bottle and toss it into the Pacific Ocean, I never doubted that she would do exactly that. And, of course, she has:

“I finally made it and had a glorious upgrade of body and soul via the inimitable Oregon coast. I have attached some pictures to accompany anything you may wish to post…

“The original ‘message in a bottle’ idea seemed wholly appropriate based on the energies I was sensing: that there were wanderers traversing the sand looking for answers. It seems we are all looking for answers; the next step on the journey remaining elusive for most. 

“I intentionally sent “On Choosing Love” out to sea at dusk, when the light was not conducive to a great photo but wholly conducive to the nighttime wanderings of a sleepless soul whose moonlight walk might reveal some words of wisdom or comfort. Jeff and I both commented that these words would not end up in Japan, as originally envisioned, but would be carried to a fellow Oregonian in need of the solace that only a night of deep searching might uncover. Here is the maiden voyage out on the first wave, of change, of movement, of unknown destination.

“The second offering, “This is for Those of Us who Weep,” was calling to be left at an old-growth Redwood grove a half an hour south. The bench sits right off the side of the gravel road, effectively hidden from view until one begins to wander. There is an air of mystery here, of actively searching for something not yet known. This bench was covered in the most beautiful iridescent chartreuse moss, Dr. Seuss-like up close, creating a soft cushion for one weary of mind or body. A silent stillness is the order of the day here; the multiple times I’ve visited this grove it has been nearly empty. One has to “try” to visit this place, not an easy “off the freeway” run in-run out kind of destination. Effort, focus, intention all converge at this very bench. I trust that your offering will be seen and felt by the person who has made the pilgrimage.

“I thank you for this opportunity; it dictated its own timeframe and its unfolding certainly did not keep with my usual type-A scheduling. It huddled in the background silently whispering: wait, wait, NOW. And so their journey continues, with a full knowing that the perfect timing will create the perfect melding of heart and mind for those who seek and find. In gratitude and awe, I request an opportunity to do it again…when the timing is right and the wings of words take flight.  xoxo”

Beautiful report, Julie! Of course you can have more poems to plant — and I fully expect they will again dictate their own timeframe. On a more mundane note, how is the new site design working for you readers? Note that at the upper right you can select the Grid view or List view. Any feedback is welcome.

One thought

  1. I am so glad to see the photos of Oregon coast along with Julie’s narrative. I’m caught up in thinking of the person who will get the bottle and the timing of the find. Very neat! I like Julie’s photo taken at the moss covered bench. TErrific!


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