oh, the places we’re going!

“At The Heart of Orion” – NASA/Hubble Satellite Image

Yes, I’m talking about the Words Divinely Wrought Global Poetry-Share…

…and Yes, I’m talking about each of us who has chosen the oft-arduous, frequently frustrating path of awakening/ascension during this pivotal time in the evolution of humanity.

First, poetry. I offered up the invitation for Words Divinely Wrought participants in this post on August 5. Since then, 20 people have joined our adventure and poems have been placed in Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Oregon, and Virginia in the US; Ontario and British Columbia in Canada; England, Ireland, France, Amsterdam/The Netherlands, and Cyprus in Europe; and in Lima, Peru. Poem packages have also been sent to Wisconsin/US, Moscow/Russia, British Columbia/Canada, and Australia. Two of the poems were deftly translated into Spanish and two others into Italian; you may enjoy them via the left-hand sidebar.

Some poetry recipients have written me that their poetry plantings have been delayed — either due to personal situations or a sense that neither the right time nor right place has presented itself.

To others of you who have received your poetry and it continues to sit on your desk or kitchen table or altar, please drop me a note. As has been stated before, this embodiment of unity consciousness and Divine synchronicity is not solely about poetry. Everyone who is touched by this initiative has a story to tell – and some stories revolve around the challenges, blockages, and unexpected/disruptive emotions that arise along the way. For all of us, lessons abound in those stories, too. Rest assured: there is no judgment.

I am now preparing additional poetry packages for Jane in England, Susan and Doug in Ontario, Julie in Oregon, and Jane in NYC. Poetry packets now include a brief note inviting the Finder to take the poem if so inspired — and to share his/her experience with us via the blog.

If you have requested more poems and I have forgotten, please remind me. If you would like to join our growing circle and place poetry in locales both sacred and (seemingly) mundane, please use the top-right Contact link. If you have been following our sacred adventure and would like to come out of the shadows, please leave a Comment on any of the WDW posts. And, of course, donations for printing, mailing, envelopes, and packaging are always most appreciated.

As for the bigger picture of how you may be reacting or responding to the energetic shifts now occurring, everyone navigates in singular fashion. Personally, I find balance, support, comfort, validation, and a keen sense of belonging when I read articles like this Weekly Energy Message from Rev. Angela Peregoff and this October Energy Forecast from Lee Harris.

Things are pretty crazy on our beloved planet! Seek grounding and clarity in whatever way suits you. Take heart and choose love over fear, peace over chaos, and unity over separation real or perceived. Creation has never abandoned you — and never will. Reach out and touch another soul — and you will surely be touched in return.

3 thoughts

  1. “Take heart and choose love over fear, peace over chaos, and unity over separation real or perceived.” Well said, sweet sister. Offering my deep gratitude for the myriad ways your wise words have touched so many and offered a place of deep repose in the eye of the storm. I look forward to stewarding my next bundle to it’s intended destination! xoxo Julie


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