in wisconsin, archangel michael joins our divine endeavor

I don’t mean to lead anyone astray by posting this 16th-century image of a Persian Angel (which now resides in a London museum) as prelude to Akasa WolfSong‘s tale of placing poetry at a tourist attraction in the American Midwest.

Bear with me, though, and you’ll soon see how the story comes together.

Akasa, a Wisconsin resident, has lovingly and enthusiastically followed my blog for a number of years, and leaped into Words Divinely Wrought as soon as it began. Although she received her poetry package in the very first group mailed out August 4, she was not guided to release the poetry until October 10. Her patience and devotion to the murmurings of Spirit offer a beautiful lesson for us all.

“I just arrived home from placing the “no time for timid hearts” poetry in my community. I am feeling a bit whimsical and wistful at the moment, from finally being led to the placement of your Divine Words.
 “At first I thought to place them in our local library amongst the spiritual books but something kept prodding me that it wasn’t the right place, nor Divine timing. So I began to pray about it, asking for guidance. Within a few days, a message came through for me. The Angel Museum in Beloit, Wisconsin!!! Hah! I knew without another thought this was the place to leave your poetry.

Now that the message had come through, I wanted to get them placed right away, but that was not to be so. Car problems ensued, and then getting a ride that was in keeping with others’ schedules came in between, but today was the perfect alignment for getting this done and now, well, after holding these Divine Words for sooo long it was almost as if I was giving a part of me away.

“That’s when the gentle nudging from Spirit came…this gift that was so freely given must now be passed into the hands of another. So I loaded up my gear (oxygen tanks, green bag, camera, purse) and off I went with another Sister whose kindness and help are deeply, deeply appreciated. We were fully engaged and fully aware.
 “I placed the poetry in its sleeve on the front bench leading into the museum, with a rock placed on top so the wind would not take it sailing, and wrote on the back, ‘For the person who finds this, I hope you will perhaps pass it along to some other unsuspecting person who can be blessed by these words.’ Or something to that effect…I was sort of out of body while writing.  Even right now I’m sort of fuzzy as if it all has been part of a dreamscape. I know Archangel Michael will Bless the person(s) who find it. I talk with him almost daily and feel him around me all of the time.
“I did get some photos on a little instamatic camera which when I finish the roll of film, I will get some off to you. Till then, I went to the website and found a video of The Angel Museum. (Note: I have linked to the vimeo site, but repeatedly received an error message. Perhaps someone else will be more successful? ~ rs)
“What I just realized while watching the video is that The Angel Museum sits along the Rock River, which is an old Native American route. Across the street is Beloit College, which sits on acreage that is full of Indian Burial Mounds. Many tribes passed through here….The Ho-Chunk, Winnebago, Chippewa, to name a few…

“So…I can see now why I was led to wait. I’m full of joy for listening and waiting on Spirit to lead me, and for being a part of this Light-filled endeavor. Now to see where “a prayer is the beat” will lead me. 
 “May the Blessed Universe bless each spirit that places the poetry, each hand that receives it, and on and on as they make their way across our Globe. And Rachel, Thank You, Beloved, for being an open vessel for Creator’s Divine Words to come through… (:

4 thoughts

  1. Wonderful to read about words divinely wrought, divinely placed. Thank you for sharing Akasa’s story with us, Rachel. (I was able to watch the video from the link above, by the way, so I think the error message you were getting has something to do with your software, maybe your Flash player isn’t up-to-date or something like that.)


  2. What a beautiful story…divine right timing, an angelic resting place, and the Native people’s courageous exemplification of “no time for timid hearts”. So fitting…


  3. P.S. For those interested in learning more about the Angel Museum
    they can go to the website, which is …..they have
    a video there as well. :)


  4. Rachel…I quietly whisper, Thank You.
    For everything. For the Dream…
    For extending the hand of fellowship, sisterhood,
    and inclusion as we all evolve together…
    We truly are all one.


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