casting our divine pebbles onto the (impending) water in NYC

While our eyes and hearts turn to the Caribbean, Canada, the Ring of Fire, and the eastern third of the US, let us remember that small gestures of faith, trust, love, and unity continue to unfold across the world. I have been navigating my own personal surge, doing what I can to remain grounded, balanced, and true in these times of great change. I feel myself lifting up and out of old fogbanks as veils and shrouds waft away for what I sense may be the last round. It is intense — and it is good!

As the moon waxes to her fullness, this lovely message comes from Manhattan, where JC carried the poem, Unremitting Faith for the Fearless, to the Himalayas. Well, not exactly. She did, however, release the poetry at New York’s Rubin Museum of Art, which houses “the largest Western collection of religious art from cultures of the Himalayan mountain range, including those of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan as well as the interrelated traditions of India, Mongolia, and China.”

For those of you who have been following the Words Divinely Wrought saga, JC was with me when we planted the first piece of poetry at the Battery Park Labyrinth, which may be under water as we speak. I consider her to be the GoddessMother of our Divine initiative.

She writes:

“Last night as I got ready to go to the Rubin Museum, I thought to take along Unremitting Faith for the Fearless, and leave it somewhere among the beautiful artwork. I was going to hear the fabulous David Wilcox, a divine folk singer and teller of tales, with (a friend) whom you met when you were here.

“Anyway, after the show, we went from one circular floor to the next, looking for the perfect place and also, a time when a guard would not be watching us, especially since I wanted to take a photo of it.  Finally, I despaired of being able to rest it up against a work of art, and placed it first of all, against an audio video player where people sit to explore more deeply the Tibetan art history…

“…and then moved it to rest amongst some books on similar subjects, where I felt it would be more naturally discovered by a thoughtful ‘reader.’  So there it rested, and I hope that said reader chanced along, found it and happily took it home! Without attachment of course, I ask that whomever that person is, they contact you and let you know!”

While Earth and Sky go through upheaval and realignment, may all beings find safety and a measure of comfort in the the arms of Creation. Above all else, do what makes your heart happy. Next up: a thoughtful commentary on non-attachment by a participant who wishes to remain anonymous…

2 thoughts

  1. Cheryl,
    What a lovely comment. I agree with your sentiment and I am glad for whatever brought you to my site. I invite you to join our Words Divinely Wrought Global Poetry-Share if you feel called to join in. Thank YOU!


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