are we too attached to the idea of non-attachment?

No poetry was left here. Read on…

I freely admit it. For all of our talk about non-attachment, I would love to receive notes from “Finders” who have been touched by our poetic offerings.

One of our poetry emissaries sent me a most evocative rumination on this topic. I share it with permission and with great respect for the honesty and consciousness portrayed therein. You will understand why this person has no wish in being identified in any way.

“I had the idea to leave the poem at Le Celle, a small, very old monastery outside of Cortona (Italy), built into a steep cleft of rock with a stream running down the rock. St. Francis spent time there. It’s a lovely and contemplative place that has always been a favorite destination of mine.

“So, I carried (the poem) to Le Celle… it’s about a half-hour walk on a mostly flat road that winds across the front of the mountain in the sun. An autumnal afternoon through autumnal colors, smoke in the air, the last of the vendemmia (grape harvesting) going on in the fields. And then I changed my mind…

“On the road to Le Celle is a santuaria, a shrine to Mary. It’s essentially a little hut, shallow, open on one side, big enough for maybe four people to stand under the tiled roof, seats built into the side walls.

This is not the shrine in the story — though it may carry somewhat similar energy.

“A shelf is built into the back wall, a picture of Mary, candles and flowers that come and go as it is tended by locals, prayers on paper on the shelf, photos of people on the shelf… Le Celle has a real pedigree, and I preferred the rustic honesty of the santuaria. The poem was left behind a red candle (already there) among other pieces of paper, amid vases of droopy or plastic flowers.

“Given the fact that many prayers and requests and thanks are left there, I don’t know the etiquette of anyone collecting them or reading them. They disappear from time to time so something happens to them. It’s out of our hands, right? I like that I don’t know.

“… Being a compassionate being and giving of love happens whether one gets noticed or not. I am fine with no one finding it: the intention has already shifted the world.

“I think cats have it down. They just are, they don’t strive, measure themselves against other cats. I’m certain this is wisdom. General and basic goodness put into the world shifts the balance of good into a greater quantity, even if infinitesimally. Above all, the intention outweighs the outcome.

“… I was initially curious what came of the ones I left (previously), but now I know it is none of my business… I would rather have it be a silent gesture that goes up into the air as a silent prayer… I was a person who made a wish and wished my fellow beings well before I carried on blundering along like a bull in a china shop like we all do.

“At this antique point in life, I am knowing that you should do what you know is right and stop looking around at who saw you do it.”

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  1. dear and divine rachel …… name has no meaning and meaning has no name ……. and no name is subtle and sensitiveness …… so are your articles and the people walking on the path of non-attachment ….. In Holy Gita lord Krishna tells …… action in non-action ….. like Bruce Lee in enter the dragon film quotes about his style….as fighting without fighting …….. being witness to the life fully like a referee watches a match totally involved yet …… non-attached …… to be a referee is true non attachment …… thanks for sharing …… love your blog …… do not know how could I miss for so long …… with greetings and gratitude …….. ram


    1. Oh, ram, how wonderful to “hear” your sweet voice once again. As always, you bring a radiant wisdom wherever you appear. Non-attachment does not come easily to this Western mind, though I maintain the awareness how best I can. Thank you for reblogging, my friend.


  2. I feel your words pointing me to that place inside me that somehow knows what my actions are to be and when I lose my scent (of myself) that I need only be still a moment and it wafts back into my nose that I may follow it again. This has its own dynamic of self-validation, that then makes me chuckle since to whom am I validating myself? And yet there is the want to see myself and also through “others”.


    1. Tomas, I love your imagery:

      “…when I lose my scent (of myself) that I need only be still a moment and it wafts back into my nose that I may follow it again…”

      As much as I may want to claim no attachment to receiving thoughtful comments such as yours, I am always tickled that a reader/listener has made a soul connection with my creative work…


  3. Barb, Akasa, Christine, Rose,

    Thank you for adding your thoughtful Comments to this subject. Each of you sees (and engages with) the world through a clear, purified prism of authenticity. Our conversation is richer for your input.


  4. Before I read this post, I sent a personal mail to Rachel which went – more or less – like this:

    “Hi Rachel, just to let you know I am thinking quite often of the poems and how I haven’t heard from any of them. Did you? Has any of the recipients send you a mail? The more I think about Peru, the more I fear it’s not a good place right now for spirit work. But who knows, one of those poems may have just pulled a chord. As I said, placing those poems made me aware of many things, especially how much I generally live on ‘automatic pilot’. Something has to jolt me and make me conscious from time to time.

    Here in Peru the poor are so poor they may have taken those beautiful envelopes I used and thrown the poem away. The snotty upper class may not even have looked at the poems. I don’t know.

    Be well. Just wondered. Love from Peru, Rose.”

    After reading the post, thinking some more, I also came to the conclusion that it’s vanity of sorts that propelled the curiosity. Will someone be impacted, have I made a difference etc and came to the conclusion that we are all here to make a difference – and a difference we make. What we have to accept is that our intention has to be enough and that love is taking it from there and does with it as love will.

    I am delighted to still be alive right now and see it all unfold.


  5. thank you for sharing these lovely thoughts, my feelings too, the same curiosity, the same letting go with joy …. hmmm, i have a few more to leave now that i am home, maybe one in sydney next weekend where we are going to a concert in a chapel designed by my husband for a wonderful group of rural-ish fathers many years ago … i will keep you posted :) thanks for your blessings akasha!!!


  6. Sister and Brother Sojourners…this post reminds me of the biblical verse (Matthew 6:3) which states when giving to the needy, do not let your left hand know what the right hand is doing. In a figurative sense, what we are doing, is giving to the needy, the unaware, the ones whose spirit will be forever changed once reading our Dear Rachel’s words. This brings me great comfort. When I placed my poetry at the Angel Museum, I must admit, I had curiosity as well, as to who would be the finder of such beauty, and I did think of it the other day too, but in the sense of ‘how’ their hearts have been touched? So to the emissary who wrote these words I whisper up a glorious Hallelujah! Most especially this line…
    ” I would rather have it be a silent gesture that goes up into the air as a silent prayer.”
    Cascading Blessings To All!
    In Divine Love,


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