be aligned with your own truth 18/26 (audio 2:04)

Poppies and Butterflies, 1890, Vincent van Gogh

This is the eighteenth installment of “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be Aligned with Your Own Truth

The terrain you travel is a universe unto itself, and to its original design you must hold true.

Someone close to you may find great joy in going to college and then settling into a steady professional groove. You, on the other hand, may be happiest with a life centered around your family, studio, workshop, land, or animals.

Attempting to align yourself with anyone else’s version of truth will hinder your progress and ultimately create “dis-ease” in your body and spirit. You might catch the spark of his or her excitement, but you will be unable to hold the charge.

When you are in sync with your deeper knowingness, doors open readily and your intentions manifest with little effort. If you have been out of touch with the core of who you truly are, the rising up of truth can activate the nervous energy often associated with the new and unknown. Are you experiencing fear — or is it truth finally being set free? As you embrace your truth without reservation, the butterflies in your belly can be transformed into potent, reliable action.

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