be steadfast 19/26 (audio 1:55)

Eight Bells, 1887, Winslow Homer

This is the nineteenth installment of “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be Steadfast

Only a true survivor can weather the turbulence that often accompanies change.

There will be times you feel downtrodden, as though no matter how far you trudge on, you remain exactly where you began. Change can proceed so slowly that you barely notice. It begins deep below the surface and makes its way outward at the pace of glaciers moving across continents. Progress seems elusive despite your best efforts. You may wonder, “Why not throw in the towel and return to my old ruts and familiar rituals?”

Be steadfast. The very fact that you are reading these words affirms that you are ready for change and up to the task. Your resolve may flicker, but it will not die. Honor yourself, for you have embarked on a quest to co-create your very existence and actively engage in a life of your own making. If this singular and essential task cannot inspire your unwavering attention and undivided commitment, what possibly could? Maintain your determination and you will be sustained.

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