be grounded 21/26 (audio 1:48)

The Tree of Life, 1905, Gustav Klimt

This is the twenty-first installment from “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be Grounded

Don’t get carried away! Creating a refreshingly different life can be intoxicating and jolt you out of your ho-hum existence, making it hard to keep both feet on the ground.

You might suddenly be overwhelmed by new ideas and possibilities and wonder how you will ever narrow the list down to a manageable size. Remember to breathe, and rest assured that the dust will eventually settle.

Even as everything swirls around you and threatens to pull you in this direction or that, be sure to tether yourself to at least one person, place, or thing that is rooted and secure. Some find this grounding in the presence of supportive family and friends; others turn to nature, yoga, or meditation to maintain a sense of balance. Grounding foods include potatoes, carrots, meat, pasta, and oatmeal; taking a break from sugar and caffeine also helps.

If  you don’t already possess family, community, or spiritual roots, now may be a good time to establish them. You are more likely to emerge solid and flourishing when you balance your highest aspirations with good, old-fashioned grounding.



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