be audacious 23/26 (audio 1:57)

The Guardian of Paradise, 1889, Franz von Stuck

This is the twenty-third installment from “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be Audacious

Once your moorings are untied, you can steer yourself into open and uncharted waters. Out of the boxes and pigeonholes that have defined you, you are free to go boldly where you perhaps have never ventured before.

Cowering in the face of approaching change is for cowards. Busting out with exhilarated glee is for warriors of the heart and spirit. Surprise yourself! Take a risk! Search out unmined inner veins flowing with unrestrained boldness and sprinkled with unadulterated moxie. Change has visited you because you can meet the challenge head-on — whether you believe you can or not.

When everything around you goes awry, you can seize the day and order up change from within. You can uncork your long-hidden reservoir of fearlessness and emerge with strength and resilience flanking your sides.

Now is the time to defiantly ask “Why?” and “Why not?” and “What if?” — and question unflinchingly every premise and reexamine every promise. A bit of good-natured irreverence can take you a very long way.


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