be a conqueror 24/26 (audio 2:08)

Image from J.J. Grandville’s Un Autre Monde (1844),

This is the twenty-fourth installment from “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be a Conqueror

You can rise above it all. No matter what change throws your way, you can conquer your fears with a strong spirit and deeply held values.

Yes,  you can, and yes, you will. You will triumph over lingering doubts and uncertainty by filling up your reservoir of self-esteem with self-care and nurturance. You will rise above petty thoughts and negativity by focusing on what is beautiful, true, and good in every person and every situation. With your sharp sword of fairness and compassion, you will slice through judgment, reject separation, and avow unity.

Relying on the near-inextinguishable human capacity to better oneself, you will emerge victorious over inertia and apathy. Trust your intuition and follow the urgings of your heart, and you will surmount every obstacle and successfully overcome any weakness that arises to threaten you.

Remember always that right conquers might, and stay true to all that is right for you. You are on a mission and you will reach the summit intact though weary, tested yet strong.

One thought

  1. substance for ones weary bones, light to guide all evolving souls home, great work and share Rachel


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