be in touch with your feelings 25/26 (audio 2:16)

Detail from Ashes, 1895. Edvard Munch

This is the twenty-fifth installment of “Be Ready for the Wonderful: Words of Well-Being to Ease Your Way Through Change.”

Be in Touch with Your Feelings

Feeling nervous? More than a tad afraid? A bit angry, even? Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Questioning your own sanity? Giddy and exhilarated? Connect deeply with your feelings and feel grateful that you are able to feel them.

Strides in personal development can bring up an entire spectrum of feelings, and often all you can do is buckle up and ride the roller coaster of emotion. Attempts to block or numb these feelings will get you nowhere fast; feeling your way through life is a valuable skill too often quashed by the belief that you can merely think your way through every emotion.

The nature of change is to bust through old attachments of every kind and help you recalibrate and rewire the manner in which you process experience. If you have been trained to swallow your humiliation, joy, sadness, or anger, these old responses will need to be excavated and eliminated before your new feeling patterns find a way to integrate your head and heart.

Your feelings are important indicators — but only if you look, listen, acknowledge, and respect the enormous role they play in every facet of your life.

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